12.06.07 - 17.06.07

Our booth al LISTE 07 features a solo presenation of BURGHARD.

BURGHARD is a long term collaboration between Berlin-based artists Stef Burghard (b.1971) and Romy Richter (b. 1977). Together they roam through urban and typographic environments in search of places which apparently defy social standardization, in search of vacant spaces that evade descriptiveness. The artists confront the rationalization process of linear western reasoning with trans-rational spatial categories.

BURGHARD's current work deals with the pictorial and textual processing and adaptation of these experiences and reflections. On blackboards, a continuous texture of script and sketches records their analytical yet poetic approach. The written and overwritten, the erased and the redrawn, combine to create a before and thereafter. Script itself is disengaged from its linearity allowing spaces of potential to open up. BURGHARD seals this texture with collaged sequences assembled from varying extracts taken from images of artistic/ideal spaces and typographic structures. These collages react resistively to the information on the boards, conveying it to the spectator while simultaneously creating a more immediate spatial experience.

Whereas the focus of the earlier work of BURGHARD was on information control and/or denial, the boards give evidence of a poetic handling of information alongside that of an analytical. In search of the un-writable, the indescribable, the boards, in their processual character, function both as independent objects as well as "storyboards" for future sculptural, filmic or architectural pieces.

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