VOLUME II - How Does It Feel?

Fabian Bechtle - Moritz Frei - Philipp Köhler - Lorenz Lindner - Petra Mattheis - Stefan Riebel - Kerstin Rudolph - Jan Sledz - Henning Tilp

1 September - 27 October 2007

We are pleased to announce part one of the exhibition VOLUME II, subtitled How Does It Feel?

VOLUME is an exhibition series featuring the class of Joachim Blank (Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig) that is compiled by a different curator every year. Following the initial exhibition in 2006, the gallerist Jan Winkelmann has been invited to curate this year's exhibition. Winkelmann was curator at the Museum for Contemporary Art Leipzig from 1998 until 2003, when he founded his gallery in Berlin.

Above and beyond the presentation of selected artistic positions culled from the class of Joachim Blank, Jan Winkelmann's exhibition concept for VOLUME II involves an exchange of exhibition sites: the class exhibition is not, as would be expected, to be presented in the Universal Cube set up by Blank's class on the grounds of the Spinnerei in Leipzig. Instead, the exhibition is going to be presented in the gallery space of Jan Winkelmann / Berlin. In turn, part two of VOLUME II, subtitled It Feels Good! and featuring artists of the gallery, opens two weeks later at the Universal Cube in Leipzig.

The exchange of sites results in a contextual reversal of two differently coded art environments. In doing so, the respective institutionally specific expectations and conventions of the sites are circumvented, if not undermined. In this way, VOLUME II questions the rapport between private and institutional structures. On the one hand, a commercially oriented gallery now serves as the venue for an art school exhibition while, on the other hand, a non-profit cultural institution co-developed by art students now functions as a platform for the artists of a gallery.

The exhibition VOLUME II - How Does It Feel? features installations and photographic, performative and site-specific work by Fabian Bechtle, Moritz Frei, Philipp Köhler, Lorenz Lindner, Petra Mattheis, Stefan Riebel, Kerstin Rudolph, Jan Sledz and Henning Tilp.

The second part of the exhibition VOLUME II - It Feels Good! opens on 15 September 2007 during the Tour of the Galleries at the Spinnerei in Leipzig. The exhibition features work by BURGHARD, Stéphane Dafflon, Carsten Fock, Katarina Löfström and Dennis Loesch.

Opening hours: Tue-Sat, 11 am - 6 pm

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