18.09.04 - 06.11.04

Jan Winkelmann / Berlin is opening new premises at Brunnenstrasse 185 with an exhibition by Katarina Löfström.

Following the last exhibition at Jan Winkelmann / Düsseldorf in February, which presented Katarina Löfström's (*1970) works "Hang Ten Sunset" and "State", the new show introduces the Swedish artist's latest film.

Similarly to her earlier video works, "An Island" is based on a filmed sequence which is transformed into a computer-generated animation. The Tivoli, on a Stockholm peninsular, is seen by night at a distance. The fun-fair illuminations are slightly unfocussed and appear as an overlaying and clustering of numerous points of light. These blinking, static, monochrome, occasionally colourful lights give the impression of a fairytale Fata Morgana of a resplendently lit palace.

Löfström's videos occupy the interface of abstraction and reality. Compared to her earlier films, this recent work is characterised by a contemplative stasis, more than ever revealing painterly qualities. The unclear focus of the lights increases the sense of distance to the island; it recedes almost into eternity. The non-narrative structure and meditative character of this highly evocative, looped animation is intensified by a minimal soundscape.

An exhibition by Katarina Löfström in the Künstlerhaus Bethanien continues until 26 September. The artist is a grant-holder of the International Artists' Studio Programme in Sweden (IASPIS).

The gallery is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays between 11 am and 6 pm.

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