fast nichts/almost invisible

Press Release

June 28 - August 18 1996
Umspannwerk Singen – Duchtlinger Str. 1 – D-Singen/Hohentwiel

Press Preview: Fri. June 28, 2 p.m.
Opening: Fri. June 28, 8 p.m.
Times of opening: Fri., Sat., Sun., 2 - 7 p.m.

On June 28 the exhibition fast nichts/almost invisible opens in Singen's old Umspannwerk (transformer station). 21 artists are represented with works which are almost invisible, not immediately visible or barely perceptible. Due to the confusing interior layout long corridors flanked by stands, open and closed spaces and relics of the building's former function (control panels, cable drums, switches etc.) the location is a challenging venue for an exhibition. No attempt was made to compete or cope with to the dominance of the space; instead, it was accepted and subtly undermined. The aesthetic experience of the space is thus of secondary importance. The exhibition's minimal material presence is in inverse proportion to its spiritual and contentual dimension. The seeming emptiness turns out to be brimming with ideas, thoughts and concepts.

The exhibits include examples of traditional genres, such as Anatolij Shuravlev's 9 x 7 mm photographs of landscape paintings, an overpainted fire extinguisher by Bertrand Lavier and "Kleiner Kübel", a small bin carved from polyurethane by Peter Fischli & David Weiss. Other works are made of everyday materials and objects, such as Erwin Wurm's dust sculpture or Heimo Zobernig's heatable mirror, as well as immaterial works made of light (Airò) and sound (Samore). In addition, a few projects were realized for the specific exhibition situation: the curator being plied with alcohol by Simone Westerwinter at the opening for example, or the direct participation of the visitor who is checked in at the entrance and given a security pass, thereby becoming an image carrier and as such part of Mathis Neidhart's work.

Singen's old transformer station was built in 1912 and has undergone several subsequent enlargements. Since its closure in 1970 it has often served as venue for contemporary art shows.

The show was curated by Jan Winkelmann and staged in association with the Kunstmuseum in Singen. Freelance curator and critic Jan Winkelmann (b. 1967) lives in Mannheim.

A publication documenting the exhibition is in preparation and will appear at the end of the exhibition.

fast nichts/almost invisible was made possible by the generous support of Energieversorgung Singen GmbH.

For more information and photographs please contact
Jan Winkelmann, phone/fax +49 - 621 - 41 56 31, e-mail
or Christoph Bauer, Kunstmuseum Singen, phone +49 - 7731 - 852 70, fax 852 43

How to get there: take the Singen exit from the A 81 autobahn from Stuttgart, then follow signs to Singen on the B 33 road. Before entering Singen follow sign to Duchtlingen. The entrance to the Umspannwerk is just behind the railway bridge.

List of artists

Mario Airò (I), born 1961 in Pavia, lives in Milan

Maurizio Cattelan (I), born 1960 in Padua, lives in Milan and New York

Cor Dera (NL), born 1956 in Heerlen, lives in Haarlem

Thomas Eller (D), born 1964 in Coburg, lives in Berlin and New York

Peter Fischli & David Weiss (CH), Peter Fischli born 1952 in Zürich and David Weiss born 1946 in Zürich, both live in Zürich

Andreas M. Kaufmann (CH), born 1961 in Zürich, lives in Münster

Bertrand Lavier (F), born 1949 in Chatillon sur Seine, lives in Aignay-le-Duc

Gerold Miller (D), born 1961 in Altshausen, lives in Reutlingen

Mathis Neidhart (D), born 1963 in Schweinfurt, lives in Nürnberg

Tobias Rehberger (D), born 1966 in Esslingen, lives in Frankfurt am Main

Gerwald Rockenschaub (A), born 1952, lives in Vienna

Sam Samore (USA), lives in New York

Karin Sander (D), born 1957 in Bensberg, lives in Stuttgart and New York

Vincent Shine (USA), born 1962 in Kingsport, lives in Chicago

Anatolij Shuravlev (RUS), born 1963 in Moskau, lives in Moscow and Berlin

Andreas Slominski (D), lives in Hamburg

Rirkrit Tiravanija (THAI), born 1961 in Buenos Aires, lives in New York

Simone Westerwinter (D), born 1960 in Stuttgart, lives in Reutlingen

Erwin Wurm (A), born 1954 in Bruck/Murr, lives in Vienna

Heimo Zobernig (A), born 1958 in Mauthen, lives in Vienna

Beat Zoderer (CH), born 1955 in Zürich, lives in Wettingen