13.01.07 - 03.03.07

With "Neueröffnung Neueröffnung" ("Opening Opening") we are pleased to announce the second exhibition at this gallery of Dennis Loesch , a Berlin-based artist born in 1979 in Salzburg.

In his exhibition last year the artist transformed the gallery space at Jan Winkelmann / Berlin into a fashion shop. Loesch presented the then current collection of "hallo moden" ("hello fashions"), a label under which the artist has been collecting original articles of clothing from protagonists of the art establishment since 2004.

This year, for the length of his exhibition Dennis Loesch is going to be running a gallery within the gallery Jan Winkelmann / Berlin. In doing so, existing parameters are utilized as the initial point of departure and then modified in accordance to Loesch's artistic logic, thus becoming the center of attention and, effectively, the object of the exhibition. As in all his artistic activities to date, Dennis Loesch seizes upon an already existing structure of the art world and places it in the focal point of his work.

Analogous to how the name of the actual gallery Jan Winkelmann / Berlin is now Dennis Loesch / Berlin, the gallery website is now and the e-mail address

The signature red of the Jan Winkelmann / Berlin corporate design has been replaced by the color black on both the website and business cards. Loesch has pasted over the door sign of the gallery with that of his own. The rooms have been laid with a white carpet, the lighting changed, and the existing furnishings of the gallery reconfigured and rearranged in accordance to the desires of the artist. Aside from this, no other "exhibit" is to be seen.

To a certain extent the opening of the gallery documents itself: All lasting stains left behind on the carpet by the visitors will not be removed and thus remain viewable until the end of the exhibition.

Portions of the carpet - cut by request to the desired size, glued to fiberboard and framed - are available as "paintings". The gallery equipment and furnishings are likewise available for purchasing.

With this exhibition the artist is commentating on the rolling wave of new galleries and gallery branches being founded in Berlin in the course of the art market boom. The exhibition opening, as a social event, positions itself visibly in the forefront.

Opening hours: Tue-Sat, 11 am - 6 pm

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