10.09.05 - 29.10.05

We are looking forward to "New Works" by Plamen Dejanoff. We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening of the exhibition this Friday, 9 September, from 7 pm.

Plamen Dejanoff (* 1970) is primarily known for his complex long-term projects. From 2001 to 2003 he realised the project "Collective Wishdream of Upper Class Possibilities" in Berlin. In this project, he transformed his apartment step by step into a multi-functional space that served as a home, studio, office, exhibition space and gallery. A large solo exhibition in Vienna's MUMOK in 2006 will launch "Planets of Comparison", a new project stretching over several years. In Veliko Tarnovo, the artist's Bulgarian hometown, several buildings will be constructed in close cooperation with international architects, artists and designers, which will serve multiple functions as atelier, museum and gallery.

With this background the exhibition at Jan Winkelmann / Berlin breaks with Plamen Dejanoff's artistic practice in several respects. Alongside the non-specific title - the artist's exhibitions and works are usually presented under the title of each specific project - it is the exhibition's classical media of painting and sculpture in the traditional, at first glance apparently not very contemporary materials bronze, ceramics and glass that seem uncharacteristic for a Dejanoff exhibition. The presentation of the works on museum pedestals also breaks with Dejanoff's usually preferred floor-level presentation of his works.

These classical elements and parameters of the exhibition are, however, subverted, as the artist wishes the visitors to be told different stories about the exhibited works. Information on the creative process of the individual works and their contextualization in the artists' body of work is determined by the gallery owner. The background information on the exhibited works, which normally forms the basis of possible interpretations, thus becomes nothing more than random anecdotes. They are liberated from the primacy of uniqueness and truthfulness. Imputations or possible interpretations based on a work's creation process and its context can no longer be made.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11 am - 6 pm

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